How to Backup WordPress Database, Posts and Files

This guide will help how to backup wordpress database,file and posts.It is critically important for self-hosted wordpress blogs. If your blog is running on WordPress, and if you have good number of posts, then it is definitely a serious matter of taking a backup of your wordpress blog. It helps you feel secure even if have your blog hacked or dumped by chance by the hosting side.

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How to Manage WordPress Multisite Domains

WordPress Multisite is a way to manage Multiple WordPress Domains in a single go. We will be learning today to enable WordPress Multisite on your WordPress blog and how to manage domains. WordPress Multisite is no different from Simple WordPress, it just enables you to manage multi domains from a single WordPress Dashboard.

Manage WordPress Multisite Domains

Of course you need a self-hosted blog with WordPress installed, we will be making is WordPress Multisite and we will be managing the blogs from the Dashboard. Enabling Multisite in WordPress is somewhat easy though configuring it properly takes time. So, lets get started.

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jQuery Lazy Load Images on Scroll without Plugin : Top WordPress Tip

Not only lazy loading of images in webpages helps in age’s performance, but also help in Search Engine Optimization as observed. You can use jQuery and even Mootools for lazy loading images. The images will only show up when you will scroll to them.

This jQuery tip reduces a lot of external requests while loading the page, ultimately helps your WordPress blog load faster. While using this trick, you should also use Cache Technique for simplifying the page loading.

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Adding Google Analytics Code to WordPress

Google Analytics is a Real Time site statistics online tool from Google. It helps blog owners and bloggers to easily track their site and observe how their blog is doing. After signing up for Google Analytics, Google Analytics gives you a code which you need to enter on your blog so that Google Analytics can start to track your blog.

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