Secure Facebook Account Hacking

Facebook Hacking incidents are growing these days, and even I ignored securing my Facebook Account until I met the same. Hackers can now crack your Facebook account online using free tools. And yes, I got one of my Online Facebook Account down yesterday. I cannot mention that here, but just want to say that they have changed the password, and the e-mail too. Thankfully Facebook has taken steps to help prevent hackers, you can choose two factor authentication and set up an extra layer of security for time that you login from a different computer or location. The extra layer or “token” as it’s called in technical terms requires an added measure of authentication before it will allow the user access. Even with all the security options, your Facebook account is only as secure as you make it. If you don’t choose their security options, they are not activated on your account. I learned this the hard way.

Guide to Secure Facebook Accounts

It was one of the official facebook account of one of my previous blog, I just recovered it today, and to be very honest, when I tried a lot of times with the password and when it didn’t logged in me up, I thought I lost that account. But the one who hacked up my account, forgot to change the Phone Number which I added up for getting notifications, and that way I got my account back.

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