Pixelmator is one of the best application available for both Mac and it is nothing less than Photoshop. If you spend time learning on Pixelmator, you may find it more useful because it does things easily.

If you want to get started with Graphic Designing and manipulations, logo designs, you should buy Pixelmator. But in order to go pro with Pixelmator, you should start to perform basic processes which will help you in doing advanced tutorials.

Quick Way to Learn Pixelmator

Getting Started with Pixelmator – [link]

Soft Proofing in Pixelmator – [link]

Giving your Photos Miniaturizing Effect – [link]

Controlling the Color Levels – [link]

Using the Healing Tools at its Best – [link]

Remove Unwanted Backgrounds Easily – [link]

How to give your photos Retro-Vintage Effect – [link]

Changing Backgrounds in Pixelmator – [link]

Black and White Effect – [link]

Perfect Zoom Blurring in Pixelmator – [link]

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