How to Implement Google Authorship Easily

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Google Authorship is very important thing if you want to rank higher in search engines. With Google Rich Snippet or Google Authorship, it is easy to do SEO. And Google is close to release Author Rank update, which will be directly affecting your blog and its rankings on Google Search.

Google Authorship

After getting Google authorship, not only you get high CTR for your search results, you get Google’s Trust of being good author. And if you heard of Google Author Rank update which is not far to come, then you are reading the perfect article.

You can implement Google Authorship on your WordPress powered or any blog, and you can check it on Google’s Rich Snippet tool or Google Structured Tool.

Google Authorship – Let’s Get It

First of all, you need a Google+ enabled profile which you will integrate with your blog. Without this, you cannot do anything with Google authorship. So if you don’t have one, sign up at Gmail and get a Google+ Profile too.

So, you have got your Google+ Profile now.

What you have to do now is create a widget if you are using WordPress, or just create a block where you will be putting a piece of introduction about you on your blog.

Create a widget and add a link to your Google+ Profile in that widget. Make sure that the widget appears on every page of your blog. The link should be like this.

<a href="[profile_url]?rel=author">Google+</a>

For example:

<a href="">Google+</a>

Next step is go to your Google+ Profile and edit your profile and then you will see a “Contributor To” section below the page on your profile. Click on that section and add your blog’s URL there.

Contributor to DesignSkew - Google Authorship

You also have to make sure that if your blog is enabled to view publicly or not, so enable it otherwise your authorship will not show up on Google Search Results.

Now, you can verify Google Authorship instantly whether you have done it right or not using Google’s Rich Snippet Tool. Just put in your blog’s URL and it will show up the results.

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  1. Informative and useful post! Well yes, getting Google authorship gets high CTR for search results and also Google’s trust as a good author. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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