Disable WordPress Theme Change

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If you are running multi-authored wordpress blog, and you are having issues with sharing Admin privilege with your editors and wordpress theme designers, then you must disable theme change in wordpress blog. Sometimes it happens that your blog designers, without consulting you changes your blog design by changing the wordpress theme.

Disable WordPress Theme Change

There are lot of wordpress plugins which enables you to define role of different authors using which you can limit the privileges linked to your authors, blog theme designers and developers. This is easy way to take control over theme change and other critical options that you don’t want to be handled by any other staff of your blog.

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WordPress Theme is one of the must sensitive part of your blog and you would never like someone to change it without your permission. Of course no-one like it, and so I am writing this tutorial. It will help you disabling access of WordPress theme page to any other user except the Super-Admin User, that is you.

What we will be doing is removing the Themes link in the WordPress Admin Dashboard for the Users, having roles other than Super-Admin Users. So that users cannot directly go into the Themes Page on WordPress Dashboard.

What you need to do is just place this code in your functions.php file anywhere.

add_action('admin_init', 'disable_changing_theme_for_non_admin');
function disable_changing_theme_for_non_admin() {
global $submenu, $userdata;
if ($userdata->ID != 1) {

What this will do is remove the themes link simply and even those who have admin privileges will not be able to see the themes link under Appearance menu and therefore, they will not be able to change wordpress theme of your blog. And since you are only set to Super-Admin role, you will only be the one to see that Themes link under Appearance menu.

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