Top 3 Considerations When Buying a New Mobile

It is impossible to deny the fact that mobile phones have become imperative to our lifestyle. It seems impossible to imagine our lives functioning without them. This makes it all the more important for us to make the right choice when selecting and buying a cell phone. Good Smartphone these days cost close to a fortune hence the decision cannot be made lightly or without a thorough research of the market. A cell phone today is not simply your phone. […]

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Top 5 Best Linux Firewalls – Protect your Network by using one of these Firewalls

The internet has made our world a lot easier place to live in but it has also introduced us to the downside of cyber crimes. Danger looms around every corner and given today’s connections which are always on, the internet is akin to a burglar without us even realizing this fact. This is where firewalls come to our rescue. Firewalls keep out malicious hackers and seek to limit access to a server or computer, letting in only the people who […]

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5 Free Alternatives to Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular image editing and manipulation program available for us. Photoshop is used by the majority of the Graphics Designers, Photographers and illustrators to edit or manipulate the images. It is the first choice of designers for editing the pictures. There are many other image editing programs which are good enough to replace Adobe Photoshop. As the Adobe Photoshop is a paid software program, many designers cannot buy it due to high price. That’s why, we […]

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3 Smartphone Apps to Help Manage Your Life Better

Unless there is just nirvana, chances are a bit of organization in life can go a very long way. From the home that looks like a storm ravaged it, to the car that appears to have several weeks of food wrappers left behind or the office desk with so many papers on it several forests died, organization can go a very long way. A serious hoarder needs professional help; these are not the apps for them. These are for the person that only […]

Read more Review – The Best Solution for Log Management

When you are in the software development industry, it’s necessary to keep track of issues, troubleshooting and things to do after. And, that’s why System Logs and Log Management are considered to be important among your tasks. You might have to collect and manage different system logs and machine data from the distributed environments. It’s only after that you can do something for perfection and enhancement of your product or service. However, unlike most of you think, Log Management is […]

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iPhone Photography Apps and Photo Editing Apps

See and Download the Best iPhone Photography Apps and the Best Photo Apps for Editing Camera Photographs. These are top iPhone photo apps. We have gathered all those photo apps for iPhone which makes your iPhone, a Camera. Well, iPhone already got an awesome camera, but if you want to capture real time photos and get into iPhone photography, then these iPhone photography apps  are useful for sure.

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CodeLobster: Perfect Free IDE For PHP Coding

No matter the programming language you are expert at, you would be using an IDE for getting a dedicated environment for development. As you know, there are both paid and free integrated development environments available for various programming languages. For instance, suppose that you are using Notepad++ for coding your project in PHP. You can feel a significant boost in your coding experience when using an IDE as the software has strong integration with the syntax and other stuff related […]

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Buying a New Camera: 3 Essential Things You Need to Know

Before buying a camera, take some time to consider a few things. Otherwise, the camera chosen is not likely to be used a lot and could be a waste of money. Never just run out and buy what the sales person recommends. Inaccurate advice from staff in most electronics stores is often the norm. 1. Choose Based on Need Get a DSLR if pro level photos are desired. Entry-level DSLRs are reasonably affordable and usually come with a kit lens. […]

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