Difference Between VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting

It has been observed that taking business online involves huge risk, because it could either become a great success or waste of all money and efforts. The results are heavily dependent on utilization of effective tools that one uses in web hosting. Choosing a right kind of web host is one of an important factor in making sure that website will be able to deliver the desired performance and attracts large traffic. One has many available options for hosting the […]

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How to Create a Free Blog or Website

Many of us are aware of and even tried a lot of websites that offer free website creation like Weebly.com, Webs.com, peperonity.com, etc and free blogging like Blogger, WordPress, etc. You thought of leaving it as the website or blog is not completely under your control. As they do not permit you to change the template yourself, you cannot have powerful control including all access to your website as per their service terms, and must be tired of having their advertisements on your website. Now, you need […]

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Twitter Marketing : Tools and Strategies

With the growing up trends in Social Media, Marketing is another term which is growing too fast, for small publishers as well as large businesses too. If you are a blogger, or publisher, you must be knowing how much is it important to plan twitter strategies, because twitter works well if you want to getting traffic. Even other Social Sites, like Facebook and Delicious doesn’t give that mush exposure as that of Twitter. Social Media is the biggest industry to […]

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