Best Apple Computers For Musicians

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Technology can go a long way in helping create and share music. While all a musician needs to start creating art is an instrument, you will need a bit more to share your creations with the world. If you are a seasoned musician, you likely already understand the intricacy of recording and editing music, as well as the importance of having a compatible computer setup.

Apple iMac

Whether you need to upgrade, or are switching from PC to a Mac, here are some tips on the best Apple setup for musicians:

Logic Pro X

This Apple only program may not be as popular as Garage Band, but it is definitely superior and more popular among musicians. Like Garage Band, Logic Pro X allows you to record and edit music. But while Garage Band is fine for casual users, Logic Pro X is recommended for more serious recording work.

RAM and Storage

Music takes a lot out of your RAM and your storage, which are two major things that you should look at before purchasing your Mac. Most Macs have a powerful processor but will vary in RAM. While more is better, the extra RAM tends to be expensive, which is why you should opt for a minimum of 16 GB.


This is another important aspect to consider. If you are moving around between a home and studio, or between gigs where you will need a music program, you need to choose a laptop that is portable. The MacBook Pro is a good combination of power and portability. Unfortunately, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro accessories can be a bit on the pricey side.

Finding the ideal setup can be challenging, but it is definitely worth the effort. For a bit of a break on the pricing, keep a look out for sales and get the best Apple laptop deals at your local Apple store or certified Apple premier partner.

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