How to Track Blog’s SEO Performance and Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the biggest source for loyal readers. SEO is the most fine way to Introduce your blog to the world, without spending on those PPC programs which works for a finite period. This tutorial will help you improve SEO Performance and ultimately SEO Optimization to improve your Search Engine Rankings.

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Portrait Photography Guide for Beginners

Portrait Photography is one of the finest category of taking photographs of faces. And when it comes to Portraits, you must have seen a lot of examples around. This technique is as simple as taking a photograph and as much hard to manipulate the photograph afterwards. There are many factors which lead to perfect portrait photograph.

Create Portraits

We will be discussing here how to take beautiful portrait captures and then manipulate them too, because just normal photographs doesn’t makes the sense at all. If you want the portrait to look good, you need some effects and pitches on your Captured Photograph.

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20 Black and White Photography Wallpapers

In past era of 60s and 70s, camera were able to shoot only black and white, so it was like a tradition to capture only B&W Photographs. You were not having any option other than capturing colorless photographs. But in today’s era, Black and White Photos is a trending concept, and people discover new ways to capture B&W Photos.

black & white photography wallpapers

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