iPhone Photography Apps and Photo Editing Apps

See and Download the Best iPhone Photography Apps and the Best Photo Apps for Editing Camera Photographs. These are top iPhone photo apps. We have gathered all those photo apps for iPhone which makes your iPhone, a Camera. Well, iPhone already got an awesome camera, but if you want to capture real time photos and get into iPhone photography, then these iPhone photography apps  are useful for sure.

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10 HD Car Wallpapers

While selecting wallpapers for this week for my Mac, I decided to with the category Car Wallpapers and I got some really cool wallpapers. I came across many sites which were offering HD Car Wallpapers though not every wallpaper was as to say brilliant.

You are not going to believe this, but it took me a whole day searching these wallpapers for personal use. But I would like ti showcase such Awesome Car Wallpapers on the blog too. Actually, look wise, my favorite Car is Aventador in black, it looks like really amazing. Unfortunately its not listed below. Apart from the look, other of my favorite is Bugatti which is compiled below, it also looks gorgeous.

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How to Use Custom Fonts in CSS Using @font-face

For improving typography and readability of your blog or website, you always need a good combination of fonts which look great together. You can use custom fonts in CSS using @font-face in the Cascading style-sheet of your blog. Using Custom Fonts in CSS helps improve design. Along-with Design, your readers can enjoy better readability and better exposure of letters on your blog or website.

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10 Graphic Designers to Follow on Behance Network

After long time of thinking, decided to sign up at Behance Network. With Behance, people can showcase their design and development work and portfolio. Almost all professional designers, developers, and people related to Web Design Community can be found on Behance.


After having a look at Facebook Redesign Concept by Fred on Behance Network, I dugg the whole site for inspiration and looking at the design trends. I must say, the guys over at Behance are professional at their work, whether it is Illustrator, a Photographer or related to Art Direction.

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