A Better Alternative to Google Webfonts

Google Webfonts is good resource for designers and developers to improve the typography using different fonts available on Google Webfonts directory. All of these fonts are free to use and there is good variety to choose fonts.

But now, Adobe unveiled its Adobe Edge Fonts website which seems a better alternative to Google’s Webfonts. Adobe Edge Font provides free fonts just as Google Webfonts alongwith integrated edge tools and services.

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25 Super Heros Illustration Arts

I would like to become Spiderman, this is what I used to murmur when I was kid, and even now. Jag Nagra is amazing illustrator guy who made some illustrators of the super heros we are seeing since we were kid.

And not only super heros, Jag Nagra has made brilliant and creative other illustrations too which depict faces of various kinds of people we see around us. I have seen other illustration arts too, but this is something to stand out. I mean these are creatively vectorised and the designer has brilliant ideas which can be seen in the illustrations.

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5 New WordPress Themes [2012 Edition]

WordPress Themes are soul of one’s blog and play important part in getting readers attraction. Either using free or premium themes doesn’t matters. The theme should have enough gorgeous readability and design to stick the readers and visitors, and make them come back. A perfect wordpress theme helps in returning visitors, because it creates a image in reader’s mind.

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30 Free Christmas Wallpapers for Android

Christmas is one of the most awaited and enjoyable occasion which comes once a year. Here are some free christmas wallpapers for android users. I am power android phone user, I have Sony Xperia Phone and I like to change its looks, customizations and everything when I get bored with my android customization. So, Christmas is not far from the day, and we have gathered cool christmas wallpapers for android phones which you can download free.

Christmas Wallpapers for Android

Christmas is an annual celebration day for the birth of Jesus Christ and also widely observed holiday, generally celebrated on 25th of December. Its the biggest day for Christians, and they start preparations for Christmas from a month back.

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30 HD Need for Speed Wallpapers

Whether it be Need for Speed Most Wanted wallpapers, or any other part, we have covered everything. NFS Wallpapers are outstanding just as the game. And if you don’t know what I am talking about, then you are just dumb and you need to search the title game on the Google. One of my favorite racing game, and I never feel like boring playing this racing game. I had already done with Most Wanted, Undercover, Underground 2 and other releases too. I will be buying Need for Speed : Most Wanted 2 soon as the trailer is pretty solid and impressive. Personally I like the series a lot, and if you haven’t played them yet, then I would recommend you for sure.

Need for Speed Background

Coming to the topic, as the title says, we have compiled some cool and high definition need for speed wallpapers. As a hardcore gamer, I always like to use these backgrounds on my Windows Desktop.

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Beginner's Guide to Windows 8 App Development

Unlike Windows 7, Windows 8 Application Development is not the same as previous frameworks. Microsoft redesigned the way to create Windows 8 Apps. Microsoft released Visual Studio 2012 for making it easy to develop Metro apps on the go. Yesterday, I upgraded my Windows 7 to Windows 8 and the interface is more likely to be changed, but behind the Metro Interface, most things are as it is.

create windows 8 apps

Visual Studio Express 2012 makes it easy for developers to go through the app process, though it is recommended that you should be using the Windows8  Operating System before you get started. We will be learning in this tutorial how to get started with creating Windows 8 apps with Microsoft’s tool.

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20 Wildlife Photography Pictures

With so much kinds of photography, we have amongst them wildlife photography category which showcases the culture of Wildlife areas and the animals live there. Its all about how the ecosystem is managed in great balance. This type of photography is never positional, and the person should have atleast 500m of distance from the object. A person should have experience to capture wild life photographs and should know how to expose correctly, and the field craft skills.

Wildlife Photography Picture

Wildlife Photography Pictures should be taken with constant focus. Its like macro captures but with standard distance from the object on focus.

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10 New Photoshop Tutorials on Youtube

I am a Photoshop Addict and I just upgraded to Photoshop CS6. I was searching for tutorials to try out with the New Photoshop CS6 and I found some common tutorials that I am already familiar with. Got bored with old Photoshop Tutorials ? Here’s are some new photoshop tutorials for you. I must say, Adobe is giving Photoshop a good edge, every new upgrade is just fantastic and its easier to work with the tools and layers now. The New Photoshop works faster than the previous version.

10 New Photoshop Tutorials on Youtube

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