Android Customizations – Creative Android GUI Designs

Android phones are trending these days, and every Android user, at-least me, love to customize the Interface. We have gathered most amazing Android Customizations and most perfect Android GUI Designs this time. I love customizing android with apps. And since there are lot of ROMs available, I change my ROM quite frequently when I get bored with my Homescreen interface.

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jQuery Lazy Load Images on Scroll without Plugin : Top WordPress Tip

Not only lazy loading of images in webpages helps in age’s performance, but also help in Search Engine Optimization as observed. You can use jQuery and even Mootools for lazy loading images. The images will only show up when you will scroll to them.

This jQuery tip reduces a lot of external requests while loading the page, ultimately helps your WordPress blog load faster. While using this trick, you should also use Cache Technique for simplifying the page loading.

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Tech News – Elegant Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine Layout has become a very trending style of presenting content on blogs. It gives the blog an authority look, makes blog look more professional. Many WordPress Themes sites are launching magazine layouted wordpress themes, on their on frameworks, but a Magazine style should be full of content.

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