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Android phones are trending these days, and every Android user, at-least me, love to customize the Interface. We have gathered most amazing Android Customizations and most perfect Android GUI Designs this time. I love customizing android with apps. And since there are lot of ROMs available, I change my ROM quite frequently when I get bored with my Homescreen interface.

I am currently using MIUI Rom on my Android Phone, and MIUI is the best ROM for android a designer should have. It offers variety of design customization options, like switching themes, custom boot animation, wallpapers and much more. These Android Customizations are the best Customizations I have ever seen in my life.

Best Android Customizations

Hope you liked all these Android GUI Designs. I love them and I am cloning some of them using Launchers and Customization Apps. Androids are easy to customize once rooted and flashed with custom roms. There a lot of personalization android apps on Play Store. One of them is Minimalist Text, which is my favorite, and also used in most of the above android screenshots.

Minimalist Text helps you design your own Clock Widget fro your Homescreen, with advanced customization options. Another apps which helps me for Android Customization are launchers, I mostly use the default MIUI Launcher, but apart from this, I use either Apex Launcher or GoLauncher.

Well, there are some more launchers which I have tried like MiHome and QQ Launcher which gives your phone attractive look. Apart from using apps, Wallpapers also add some feeling to your phone. So, get the best wallpapers, you can use the Wallbest and Picspeed Wallpaper app to get the best looking wallpaper for your android phone.

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  1. Everyone remarked the MiUi is the good one but I am facing problems with my own Redmi 1S and original MiUi. Yes. Sometmes it stops working and eat the Ram, that led all the applications running to be hanged. Is there any way to get rid of this Memory hog?? Please suggest.


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