These are most amazing abstract art wallpapers in HD for your Desktop Computer. Derived from abstract art paintings, are nicely designed. If you are not heard of Abstract Design and Abstract Art, then you are in the right place. Here you will see, beautiful examples of Abstract Art Wallpapers which are mainly abstracted from Abstract Art Paintings.

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Abstract Art Wallpapers

Wallpaper Abstract Design 1

Wallpaper Abstract Design 3

Wallpaper Abstract Design 5
Wallpaper Abstract Design 4

Wallpaper Abstract Design 6

Abstract Wallpaper Design

Abstract Wallpaper Floral Design

Abstract Wallpaper HD Design

Wallpaper Abstract DesignAs you can see, most of the above Abstract Wallpapers are based on Abstract Oil Paintings, and they are beautifully manipulated and you can see how the use of colors are used to make the glow in the wallpapers. Most of them have Bokeh Effect, which also adds positive manipulation effect.

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