About Us

We are Digital Tuesday founded by Isaiah Salaam, a professional website developer and has more than 10 plus years of experience in this domain. We are a group of tech gigs building major websites and developing businesses. 

Its been more than a few years, We entered this domain and created lots of websites. We would never say it is a cakewalk for us. We have seen enough share of troubles and hurdles. After overcoming all hurdles, we have come this far and generated lots of income. 

One major problem we faced while creating websites is optimizing images and reducing the load time of websites. This has always troubled us in many ways can we think of. We have used various ways and done thousands of experiments to solve this problem. Finally, we came across an amazing platform called ShortPixel.

ShortPixel has helped us a lot in solving this problem. After using ShortPixel we were able to optimize images at ease and also increase the website load time.

Now, we have made it our aim to help our fellow developers and for this sole purpose, we created Digital Tuesday. The motto of this website is to share our expertise with the world. 

We want to project ourselves as more than just developers. We have been doing tremendous research and learning various explicit things in this domain. Whatever we share is truly based on our personal experience. We would never provide any misleading information or unwanted details. 

We have searched through various platforms like YouTube, Google, all around the Internet and got tired of various tools which won’t solve our problems. Hence, we decided only to provide information that is 100 percent genuine and through personal experiences.

As a profound team, we dedicated ourselves to provide information in a very simple and neat way that any beginner can also understand.

How can Digital Tuesday Help you?

In digital Tuesday, we provide you with genuine reviews of all the major features of ShortPixel. We have various experts with hands-on experience and they provide detailed reviews and tips.

We also help you find discounts provided by this platform. We even provide major comparison reviews of ShortPixel with other related platforms.

We are focusing only on this ShortPixel review because when we rerun the GTmetrix test of our website, we are in utmost shock, as our PageSpeed is a red F (46%)! And load time has been drastically reduced. 

After looking at the Shortpixel Image Optimiser, it is still unbelievable that all our images are full of clarity. Hence, we handpicked ShortPixel.

We would also like to state the fact that we have used almost all major tools like WP Smush, Smush, and many more. We have also tried to find many free tools to solve our problems as we kept ShortPixel in paid solution but now we decided ShortPixel as the dream tool. 

Why are we special?

Having sound hands-on experience in creating websites and helping businesses to grow. We saw a lot of hardships. The one thing we hate the most is misleading information. We saw various bloggers, self-marketing companies, YouTubers promoting lots of tools that don’t even have proper features.

They spend lots of sweat and effort making everyone feel attracted towards the product and later sell the product. But Digital Tuesday doesn’t do that! We provide information that is 100% genuine and true.

We dedicate ourselves to teaching what we learned and help by giving genuine, practical information along with useful advice.

Digital-Tuesday.net Founder: Isaiah Salaam

Isaiah SalaamIsaiah Salaam is the creator of the website:  http://designskew.com and she intended to help people with finding the best performance tools for their use.

The objective behind the website is to enlighten the readers with knowledge about various tools that could help them with the performance of their website.

This website includes reviews about the various ShortPixel tools, comparison articles with different platforms that serve the same purpose, and in-depth information that will inform you about everything you need to know before choosing a tool. 

This site will soon be redirected to Imagestation.com