Guide to Create Your Own Infographics Online

Infographics is a data sheet which is compiled usually after researching specific topics. This is an easy guide for everyone which will help you to create infographics absolutely free. You don’t have to pay for any application, nor do any website.

You should Visually ( to create infographics. It is one of the top web app of its category. It allows you to build infographics based on your data on twitter, or on facebook which is pretty handy and shortcut.

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Adding Google Analytics Code to WordPress

Google Analytics is a Real Time site statistics online tool from Google. It helps blog owners and bloggers to easily track their site and observe how their blog is doing. After signing up for Google Analytics, Google Analytics gives you a code which you need to enter on your blog so that Google Analytics can start to track your blog.

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10 Most Beautiful Paintings in the World

The community of Artists and Designers have given the World so much of Beautiful and World Class Artworks. Most Beautiful Paintings, and also most famous paintings is what we have gathered up. These are the most beautiful paintings in the world. And surely, these are world class paintings painted by most talented and well known Painters.

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